I saw a bug, I have a feature request or a suggestion

Please fill a GitHub issue, it will be very useful!


Pull Requests are welcome! You can contact us on the Mattermost Community ~Plugin: CircleCI channel.
This plugin only contains a server portion. Read our documentation about the Developer Workflow and Developer Setup for more information about developing and extending plugins.
To avoid having to manually install your plugin, build and deploy your plugin using one of the following options.

Deploying with Local Mode

If your Mattermost server is running locally, you can enable local mode to streamline deploying your plugin. After configuring it, just run:
make deploy

Deploying with credentials

Alternatively, you can authenticate with the server's API with a personal access token:
export MM_SERVICESETTINGS_SITEURL=http://localhost:8065
export MM_ADMIN_TOKEN=j44acwd8obn78cdcx7koid4jkr
make deploy