Mattermost/CircleCI Plugin
A Mattermost Plugin for CircleCI, which uses the CircleCI Orb for Mattermost Plugin by @nathanaelhoun to interact with jobs, builds, or workflows and receive notifications in Mattermost channels. The Mattermost CircleCI plugin uses a personal API token to connect your Mattermost account to CircleCI to interact with the API.
Use the Circle CI plugin for:
    Pipeline and workflow management: Get information about pipelines or workflows, or trigger new ones.
    Workflows notifications: Receive workflows notifications, including their status, directly in your Mattermost channel.
    Slash commands: Interact with the CircleCI plugin using the /circleci slash command.
    Metrics: Get summary metrics for a project's workflows or for a project workflow's jobs. Metrics are refreshed daily, and thus may not include executions from the last 24 hours.
    Manage environment variables: Set CircleCI environment variables directly from Mattermost.
    Add notifications: Receive notifications on held workflows and approve them directly from your Mattermost channel. Learn how to set up a held workflow notification in the Orb documentation.
For more information about contributing to this plugin, visit the Development section.
Last modified 7mo ago
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