Installing the Plugin

Step 1: Install via Plugin Marketplace (Recommended)

  1. Go to Main Menu > Plugin Marketplace in Mattermost

  2. Search for "Microsoft" or manually find the plugin from the list and click Install

  3. After the plugin has downloaded and been installed, click the Configure button

  4. Go to Plugins Marketplace > Microsoft Calendar

    1. Click the Configure button

    2. Insert the appropriate ID/Keys into the plugin configuration screen

      • tenantID - copy from Azure App

      • clientID - copy from Azure App

      • Client Secret - copy from Azure App (Generated in Certificates & secrets)

    3. Optional: Set users who should have administrative privileges with this plugin

  5. Go to the top of the screen and set Enable Plugin to Trueand then click Save to enable the MS Calendar plugin.

(Alternative) Install via Manual Upload

  1. Go to the releases page of this GitHub repository and download the latest release for your Mattermost server.

  2. Upload this file in the Mattermost System Console > Plugins > Management page to install the plugin. To learn more about how to upload a plugin, see the documentation.

  3. You can configure the Plugin from System Console > Plugins > Microsoft Calendar