/confluence subscribe

Configure what events should send notifications to your Mattermost channel

When a user types /confluence subscribe in a channel, they will open a modal window that lets them configure a notification from Confluence to be delivered to the channel they are currently in.

The Confluence Subscription Management modal window
  • The Alias/Subscription Name is intended to be an easy to remember name for the subscription. You will use this name when you need to edit the configuration again.

  • Confluence Base URL is the URL of the Confluence server this rule is intended to come from.

    • Note: The Confluence server must have been setup by an administrator with Mattermost using the /confluence install command prior to using it in a subscription.

  • `Subscribe To` is used to specify if they want to follow events for a Page or a Space object.

  • Space Key is the Confluence space key used for the project, often it is 2-4 characters, such as "PROJ" or "MM" and is unique for each Space on that confluence server.

  • Page ID is the ID of the Page object on Confuence. Since a page name can be changed by users, the underlying PageID is used to ensure tracking continues even if the page is renamed. The pageID of a Confluence page can be found by going to the "..." menu on the page, then selecting "Page Info". The URL will then show the PageID in the URL at the end:

The pageID is in the URL
  • Events are the internal confluence events that will trigger a notification from Confluence. These events are currently included:

    • Confluence Spaces

      • Page: Created, Updated, Deleted, Restored

      • Comments added, deleted or updated

    • Confluence Pages

      • Created, Updated, Deleted, Restored

      • Comments added, deleted or updated

Example Configured Notification: