Step 1: Configure the bot account in Mattermost

If you have an existing Mattermost user account with the name circleci, the plugin will post using the circleci account but without a BOT tag.

To prevent this, either:

  • Convert the circleci user to a bot account by running mattermost user convert circleci --bot in the Mattermost CLI.


  • If the user is an existing user account you want to preserve, change its username and restart the Mattermost server. Once restarted, the plugin will create a bot account with the name circleci.

Step 2: Configure the plugin in Mattermost

To generate the keys needed, go to System Console > Plugins > CircleCI:

  1. Generate a new value for Webhooks Secret. If the generated secret contains a forwardslash, please regenerate it.

  2. Generate a new value for At Rest Encryption Key.

  3. Select Save.

  4. Go to System Console > Plugins > Management and choose Enable to enable the CircleCI plugin.

You're all set!